The learning community at Burnaby Online consists of our:


Our staff is dedicated to embodying excellence. Our staff consciously and consistently:

  • Operates with integrity
  • Demonstrates respect
  • Is well-informed and resourceful
  • Communicates frequently, clearly and effectively
  • Are BC Certified teachers and Members of the BC College of Teachers who supervise, support, access, and evaluate students
  • Finds creative and innovative solutions
  • Works as a team, collaborates and seeks help appropriately
  • Enjoy their work and share their optimism


Our parents are key members of our learning community who:

  • Behave with integrity
  • Foster the love of life-long learning
  • Recognize and respect the uniqueness of individuals
  • Communicate openly
  • Collaborate when appropriate
  • May assist in the facilitation of the learning process, however, are not teachers
  • Are proactive


Students, the focus of all of our efforts:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning
  • Demonstrate effort and perseverance in their education
  • Cooperate with others to be successful
  • Demonstrate a respectful, trustworthy and patient attitude to everyone
  • Choose a positive attitude
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Value the richness of being themselves