August completion courses

We now have a number of courses available with August completion for those interested in completing a course quickly. In addition to Career Life Education 10 and Éducation À La Vie Professionelle 10, we are now offering Physical and Health Education 10, Introductory Spanish 11, Spanish 11, History 12, Geography 12, Communications 12, BC First Nations Studies 12, French 11, and ICT 12 with August completion as an option. When registering you can now choose between August completion and 10 month completion for each of these courses. Register now!

Ministry of Education Announces Tuition Free Courses for Graduated Adults

A recent funding announcement from the Ministry of Education means that graduated adults can now take selected upgrading courses tuition free. This new policy took effect September 1, 2017.

Adults who have already graduated from high school (in BC or anywhere in the world) can take the following courses to refresh their knowledge or upgrade their marks before applying to college or university.

Communications 11
English 11
Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11
Foundations of Math 11
Pre-Calculus 11
Biology 11
Chemistry 11
Physics 11

Communications 12
English 12
Foundations of Math 12
Pre-Calculus 12
Biology 12
Chemistry 12
Physics 12


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