K-9 Registration Update

Burnaby Online K-9 registration is now open. Registration will close for the summer on Tuesday June 29th and re-open on Monday August 23rd.  Students must withdraw from their current school prior to registering with Burnaby Online. By registering with Burnaby Online, the student will no longer have a space to return to during the school year at their neighborhood school. All K-9 registrations are Full time only.

Here are some things about our programming that we want to ensure you are aware of before formally registering for Burnaby Online:

  • Parents/Guardians support their child’s learning for approximately 5 hours per day, 5 days a week
  • The adult supporting the child’s learning must have a fluent knowledge of English (reading, writing and speaking). We do not offer an ELL program.
  • Students require a computer and printer and capability to scan (which can be by scanner or smartphone app)
  • Students will receive three report cards per year, December, March and June.

If the information above sounds like a good fit for your child, you can begin the registration process at:


Once you complete this Program Acknowledgement Form you will be sent a link to the Registration Form and the password for registering.

One acknowledgement form and one registration form need to be completed PER child you are enrolling.

If there are any concerns with the above registration instructions, you can reach our school office at: (604)296-6940. If you would like to reach someone to discuss our programming, you can reach us at (604)296-6940.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work to design and build the best learning experience possible for your child.

Summer Completion Courses 2021 Registration is Open

Registration for only the following Summer completion courses is now open

  • Career Life Education 10 – choose between
    • Aug 6 completion with set due dates for assignment submissions
    • Sept 1 completion with no assignment due dates
  • L’Éducation À La Vie Professionnelle – 10 Aug Completion (CLE 10 in French)
  • Physical and Health Education 10 – Aug Completion _ COURSE IS NOW FULL, registration closed
  • 20th Century World History 12 -Aug Completion_ COURSE IS NOW FULL, registration closed
  • Physical Geography 12 – Aug Completion_ COURSE IS NOW FULL, registration closed
  • Introductory Italian 11 – Aug Completion
  • French 11 – Aug Completion _ COURSE IS NOW FULL, registration closed
  • Introductory Spanish 11 – Aug Completion
  • Spanish 11 – Aug Completion

Any student looking to take a summer completion course, including those already taking a course with Burnaby Online, will need to register on our website on or after Monday April 19th. Registration for summer completion courses will close Friday June 25. We encourage those wanting a course to apply early. These courses are intended for students who plan to complete the course by the end of August. Ensure that the course you select has August Completion or September Completion in its name.

Courses will open for student access in the week of May 17. Courses start at the end of June but students may begin working at any time after the course is opened.

Questions about enrollment in coursework for the 2021-2022 school year can be sent to our Burnaby Online Counsellor, Ms. Thomson at Melody.Thomson@burnabyschools.ca.

Burnaby Online Registration For September Start Grade 10-12 Courses Is Open

Registration for Grade 10-12 courses (which start in September 2021) will be opening May 25

  • Students wishing to enroll in  Burnaby Online courses for a September 2021 Start can register starting Tuesday May 25th.
  • Registration will be for grade 10-12 courses only
    • Students will be enrolled and begin their coursework in September 2021
    • In order to register in an online course, you must withdraw from the requested course at your home school if it is on your schedule for the 2021-22 school year
    • Registration will close for the summer on Tuesday June 29th and will re-open on Monday August 23rd
    • Please see your home school counsellor for support with your planning for next school year. If Burnaby Online is your home school or if you do not have a home school, feel free to contact our Burnaby Online counsellor at Melody.Thomson@burnabyschools.ca

Reminder: “Summer Completion” courses are still open for registration, click to see flyer attached (these courses are designed for students who intend to complete them by the end of August)

Registration is closed for all courses GRADE 8-12 for the 2020-2021 school year

Logging in to Your Courses

  • If you just enrolled, our courses are now being hosted in Canvas, you can login at https://canvas.sfu.ca/login/canvas .  You will receive an email from SFU Canvas (canvasys@sfu.ca) inviting you to join the course. For instructions on how to proceed once you receive the invitation follow the instructions shown on the following site (https://online.burnabyschools.ca/sfu-canvas) . Your username will be your email address and you will choose your own password when you create your account.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by going to https://canvas.sfu.ca/login/canvas and then click on Forgot Password. Your username is your email address

COVID-19 Updates

On July 29, 2020 the Ministry of Education announced the plans for the reopening of all public and independent schools for September. More information will be coming as the Ministry of Education and the Burnaby School District develop plans for September.

Please check the Burnaby School District website, http://burnabyschools.ca  for more information.

Ministry of Education Tuition Free Courses for Graduated Adults

Adults who have already graduated from high school (in BC or anywhere in the world) can take the following courses (for no cost) to refresh their knowledge or upgrade their marks before applying to college or university.

English 11 courses
Workplace Math 11
Foundations of Math 11
Pre-Calculus 11
Life Sciences 11
Chemistry 11
Physics 11

English Studies 12
Foundations of Math 12
Pre-Calculus 12
Anatomy and Physiology 12
Chemistry 12
Physics 12




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Important Dates

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