Burnaby Online is a distributed learning program, which is an alternative to classroom learning. Learn more about options such as distributed learning in BC.


  • Students must withdraw from their homeschool before registering with BOL.
  • We are a 10-month program, running from September to June.
  • There are no virtual classes, nor onsite classes or activities.  
  • 5 hours of study per day are required, with a parent at home facilitating/directing the program.
  • All K-3 lessons and assignments are written for parents so that they can directly facilitate the lessons.  All lessons and assignments for grades 4-7 are written for the student, however students still require a parent overseeing/directing the program. 
  • A full school year plan is provided outlining teacher created units/lessons/assignments that are required per term.  These are presented within our learning management system (LMS) called Brightspace.  All assignments are submitted online within Brightspace. 
  • Students are required to be actively submitting work 
    • this work is assessed by the teacher 
    • feedback is provided within Brightspace 
    • report cards are written by the teacher based on submitted work. 
  • Resources needed: computer, printer, and ability to scan. 
  • There are no French Immersion options for K to 7, nor French courses available for grades K to 4. 
  • There is no extra English Language Learner support (ELL), nor learning resource support.


  • Students begin their courses at any time and work individually at their own pace
  • Requires daily study, commitment and good time management skills
  • All lessons and assignments are delivered through one of two online learning portals called Canvas or Brightspace
  • Teacher assessment and support is provided through messaging in Canvas or Brightspace, email, or phone
  • No onsite or virtual classes/activities/group work
  • No French Immersion program


Burnaby Online serves and advocates for individuals and their families to determine the optimal location, direction and environment for their learning. Personal commitment, trust and respect are the cornerstones of our learning community.


Burnaby Online is about people coming together to create student success. Just as a triangle is the strongest shape in geometry, our triangle of staff, parents and students work together to build the best learning program possible for our students. Our teacher-led program uses the best educational practices to provide outstanding outcomes for students and their families.