Garth Errico Director of Instruction
Heather Watson Vice Principal
Chris Maki Head Teacher
Technology Support
Chris Maki Help Desk and Technology Maintenance
Teaching Staff: Elementary
Susan Vossen Grades K, 1, 2, 3
Sheri Delmaestro Grades 4, 5, 6, 7
Teaching Staff: Secondary
Joann Barbone Social Studies 8-10, Career Life Education 10
Janice Cardinal English 8-12
Linda Cavaliere French 8-12, Éducation À La Vie Professionnelle 10
Sheri Delmaestro Physical Health Education 8-10, 12
David Gaudet Social Studies 11, History 12, Comparative Civilization 12
John Janetka AP Computer Science 12, Computer Programming 12
Liana Mah Accounting 11, Business Computer Applications 12, Entrepreneurship 12
Chris Maki Pre-Calculus Math 11-12, Workplace Math 10,  Workplace Math 11
Parveen Rattan Art 8-11, Digital Photography
Sarah Rogers Intro Italian 1, Spanish 9-12
Michelle Slaney-Trovato
Introductory American Sign Language 11, American Sign Language 11
Anthony Tran Chemistry 11-12, Life Sciences 11, Anatomy and Physiology 12
Francis Tsen Math 8-9, Foundations and Pre-Calculus of Math 10, Foundations of Math 11, Science 8-10, Earth Sciences 11, Physics 11-12
Susan Vossen Career Life Education 10
Teaching Staff: Independent Directed Studies
Deirdre Moore Independent Directed Studies
Teaching Staff: Learning Support and Counselling
Melody Thomson Counselling
Office Staff  
Vickie Farrell Head Secretary and Educational Expenses, Student Records, Textbook Requests/Overdues, Accounts Payable/Receivable
Jeanine Stanley Reception, Registration
Mariska Santoso Computer Operator – Marks, Transcripts, Report Cards