Add Course (stay registered in at least one course with us)

Follow these steps to add a course only if you are currently enrolled in one or more courses at Burnaby Online.

  • Fill in the online registration form
    • Under Student Profile choose “Currently enrolled at a Burnaby Public Elementary/Secondary School”. This will eliminate the need for any supporting documents
    • Choose your age group
    • On the first page select your registration type
    • Fill in the rest of the registration
  • Once your registration is received it will be passed on to our counsellor for approval.
  • Click here to go to the Online Registration Form.

Once your request has been approved by the counsellor it will be passed on to our office and they will add you to the new course(s). The changes will generally take place within three business days.



In order to ensure your withdrawal is processed in a timely way please be sure to follow these steps:

Step 1
Complete a Student Course Withdrawal form. The form will let you tell us whether you want to withdraw from the school and all courses, or just drop one and stay in other courses with us. For students under 19 years old, the form must be signed by a parent. Click here to complete the Student Course Withdrawal Form.

Step 2
Collect all texts and other resources. Texts and other resources should be returned to the Burnaby Online office. Office location and contact information »

Deposit & Refunds »