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 Please allow us to give you some information about the Burnaby Online program: 

Elementary Program

  • Students must withdraw from their homeschool before registering with BOL.
  • We are a 10-month program, running from September to June.
  • There are no virtual classes, nor onsite classes or activities.  
  • 5 hours of study per day are required, with a parent at home facilitating/directing the program.
  • All K-3 lessons and assignments are written for parents so that they can directly facilitate the lessons.  All lessons and assignments for grades 4-7 are written for the student, however students still require a parent overseeing/directing the program. 
  • A full school year plan is provided outlining teacher created units/lessons/assignments that are required per term.  These are presented within a learning management system (LMS).  All assignments are submitted online within the LMS. 
  • Students are required to be actively submitting work 
    • this work is assessed by the teacher 
    • feedback is provided within the LMS 
    • report cards are written by the teacher based on submitted work. 
  • Resources needed: computer, printer, and ability to scan. 
  • There are no French immersion options for K to 7, nor French courses available for grades K to 4. 
  • There is no extra English Language Learner support (ELL), nor learning resource support.

Secondary Program

  • Our courses are designed for 10 month completion, but may be completed in less time
  • Students begin their courses at any time and work individually at their own pace
  • Requires daily study, commitment and good time management skills
  • All lessons and assignments are delivered through the online learning portal called Canvas
  • Teacher assessment and support is provided through messaging in Canvas, email, or phone
  • No onsite or virtual classes/activities/group work
  • No French Immersion program

Thank you for your interest in our distributed learning program.  To further express your interest and add your child to our wait list please fill out our survey at: 

Expression of Interest for 2021-2022 for students not currently enrolled at Burnaby Online